Brookside Dark Pomegranate Centered Chocolate

Brookside Dark Pomegranate Centered Chocolate

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Brookside Dark Pomegranate Centered filled chocolate is exotic combination and extraordinarily delicious. We believe you shouldn't have to compromise on amazing taste. That's why Brookside is deliciously crafted with an intriguing combination of smooth dark cocoa rich chocolate and an exotic fruit flavor like Pomegranate. This heavenly mix gives you an extraordinarily delicious taste in every bite. Like every piece of art, it can't be explained. It needs to be experienced.

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Packaging & Delivery:

Delivery Within Mumbai: Your order is hand delivered by our delivery team. Brookside chocolates are transported in cooler bags so that they do not melt. All items are handled with extreme care. We only deliver fresh and best quality food items.
Delivery Outside Mumbai:Brookside chocolates are packed in a clear plastic bag to prevent any damage. They are covered in multiple protective and thermally insulating layers to protect them from breaking and melting during transportation. During monsoon, box is completely covered in plastic film to keep the contents dry. At, we ensure that all the items in your order reach you in complete and perfect condition.

About Brookside: Brookside Farms began in 1954 in British Columbia's beautiful Fraser Valley. Over the years, they developed patented technology to create soft, sweetened fruit flavored centers from classic favorites and unique taste sensations. All to create the ultimate chocolate experience. In 2011, Hershey acquired Brookside Farms.

This is a Vegetarian product.
Customer Rating on Google: 4.8 (Based on 116 Reviews)
Ordered choclate and got them in time with nice packing.
- Amit Asawa, Pune (Source - Google)
I have ordered Mika and Godiva chocolate. Nicely packed and chocolate didn’t melted in summertime.
- Rahul Nayak, Bangalore (Source - Google)
Best place to buy chocolates. They look into the finest details to make it a pleasant experience for the customers. Keep it going!
- Gaurish Gaunso, Goa (Source - Google)
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